Monday, August 17, 2009

Swine Flu, Opportunist Media and Impotent Maharashtra Government

'Swine Flu' - the name itself is terrorizing people throughout world, no doubt about Indians who are used to being terrorized. But don't take me wrong, people in India have no issues at all. They believe in minding their own business, no matter how many people die. Nobody wants to question the government (through media ofcourse- nobody would be heard otherwise) why that happened or for that instance why was that allowed to happen?

H1N1 originated in Mexico and then U.S., but how did it not spread throughout U.S. but very conveniently reached India? I am living in Houston and I barely heard about H1N1 in Houston, I guess just one case-that's it. No panic, just precautions. Why was it not stopped at the port of entry, the airports? Wasn't that the only possible place where the disease could try to enter? Few simple measures of examining each and every traveler (which was initiated without seriousness) form the disease affected countries with determination could have done it. But our casual Indian mentality, lack of dedication and seriousness at jobs ( you can add as many adjectives as you want to define Indians), cost us valuable 28 lives and still counting. And guess what??? We would have got a great chance to take some revenge for the publicist KHAN by detaining lots of Americans at the our airports and that to for more than two hours!!! Wouldn't that be great???? But who has time to do all the checking and wasting so much time. Our government servants want's a peaceful life and to go home early. That's what distinguish us from Americans. They are so dedicated to their law and policies that they won't spare anyone at any cost. I would be surprised if they apologize to us!

On top of it our media which I consider purely opportunists and business minded sold this news for several initial days until lately when they came out with some positive news of more that 1000 live saved etc. Then some businessmen thought of selling the masks for 4 times the actual value thus making a mockery out of the situation.

All this is happening but nobody cares. People will be happy talking about the "Spirit of Mumbai/ Puna" to hide their helplessness and will vote the same negligent people to power. I think politicians have become extremely confident to keep repeating their mistakes, throw some lucrative packages to our naive citizens towards the end of their term, talk about caste/religion and grab the power! And there is no one to blame but us.....


  1. May be this time our government seriously work on Atithi Devo Bhava funda and welcomed each and everyone...Situation could have been avoided...

    Regarding our media...its better not to speak...They will always blow up the news for TRP's...afterall they also have to earn their bread and butter... :P

  2. India is a fucking joke.. (sorry-just read the white tiger, so coudn hold myself from mentioning it)

    you re so right.. We have all rights to be angry at dirty politicians, senseless media et al.

    spirit of mumbai... they'll boast abt it even after half of mumbai is infected.. :|

    it is hell.. but what can u or me, sitting in houston or mumbai (respectively), do?

  3. by the way hi.. its me monica kulkarni

  4. Hi Monica...Thanks for you comments! I am already following you on google reader...hope we can have nice discussions!

  5. Hey Sagar good post what I like most is your say the problem is us..and unfortunately it is true..It's time we all become
    aware and responsible..At least if nothing each one should carry out their work sincerly and honestly..I hope that with posts like this..and more aware people back home we become responsible in the right sense.

    Keep it up..

  6. hey ! sagar (dada???), yes. we wil certainly have good discussions.. by the way.. wats google reader?? more info please :) ??

    and about my poem 'to the truth' ...
    yes i have written it.. i have felt it....
    :) thanks for your comment.. extremely valued !! :)

  7. The Instinct and Nica are same :) ME.. Monica.. :P
    tata .. Bring it on!!!

  8. I think I should wirte an informational blog on google reader ;) ...