Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Google Reader made me read!

I think this should have been my first post because I owe Google Reader a lot. I could never have read so much on so many topics I like and I am still reading. Its a boon for reading lovers.

Let me come straight to point for all reading lover who would like to be updated of the topics they like and blogs they follow. Here is how the reader works:

- GO to google reader home page and sign up (If you already have google account you can use the same)

- You can then click on 'add a subscription' and copy paste the link of the blogs/articles/ website (if they have RSS feeds option) and get all the updates on the articles that are posted on them.
for eg. you can add a link with Times of India and get update on latest news.

- I have discovery, Planet earth, History blogs on my account

- you can also search a site by clicking on 'add a subscription' with a title of your interest and it will show you all the related searches with how many posts are posted on them every week so that you can add blogs which are active.

Other than that just explore to get more information and you should love it!