Saturday, August 15, 2009

Everything that affects me in the 63rd year of India's freedom...

I cannot think of a better day to start my new hobby- blogging. Today is India's 63rd Independence Day and we really haven't changed at all with the way we look towards life and freedom. Amongst all nations with a stable government I think Indians enjoy freedom the most, to an extent where we reject to follow simple rules and regulations with a sense of pride! By rules and regulations I mean every rule of law that has pseudo-existence in our country and most hurting thing is that people enjoy it. I myself was not very happy with this mentality when I was in India and now when I am in America since two and a half year I truly cannot believe people including me behaved in that manner. We are in a true sense misusing freedom and ruining the future of our country and the coming generations. You really understand the significance and importance of freedom and your motherland when you live away from it.

Everyone is saying, the pundits are predicting that India will be a superpower till 2025. I truly don't think its possible at the current state we are in, though I would love to see that happen. You will say how unpatriotic or pessimist I am, but let me tell you being patriotic for me isn't about saying nice things but to point out wrong things and try at your level to stop supporting it. I cannot imagine a country with corruption at its core, a country that cannot provide sufficient healthcare to its people or a country that lacks infrastructure or to say it in right way, where politicians are unwilling to provide and people callous about what facilities they get out of their own tax money, to be a superpower anytime in this century. I am amazed to see people vote government based on every other thing (religion, caste etc.) except their performance The only thing that I believe could happen(if we do not change) is the downfall of all the countries to make India a relative superpower.

Inspite of all these hard facts which makes me angry occasionally, I truly love my country. There are so many things I love about my country and the culture that it is not possible to name them all here. To name a few illegal things (since we are talking about negative aspects here) I support: I love the Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji etc., sold by illegally operating street vendors who bribe police to let them operate. Even if that sounds weird, I am sure if those people are stopped from selling at those places it will create and public resentment against the government. I love playing cricket on the streets in front of our house, which is again not illegal but certainly not the wisest thing to do. Any youngster who has not done that in India ( which is rare) has missed something very special in his life. To add to that weirdness I haven't heard of any lawsuit filed against letting children play on streets. I love blocking roads while dancing on Sandals in marriages, religious celebrations like Ganesh utsav etc. and celebrations after India wins in Cricket. When I talk about such few things I truly feel that we enjoy our freedom in a right sense. My friends in India may not relate to what all I said in this paragraph. They will have to stay away from their motherland to know how it feels to miss all these things.

To conclude I believe that India has a very strong potential to be the best in the world but the people ( I will not say Government since I believe we are government) lack motivation and need someone to redefine somewhat wrong defination of "patriotism" that Indians believe in.


  1. Welcome Sagar,
    Nice post dude...Straight to the point...

  2. thoda heavy sa lagtha hein lekhin appka dard kho samaj saktha hun..anyways gud one

  3. kya baat hai saggy....!! sahi hai.. straight to the point as aniruddha said.

  4. Ahh,. that was a good attempt to start with.. you did a great job.!!! well done!!

    but to elaborate on your views,to an extent i agree with what points u highlighted.corruption is,no doubt, taking our country to a downfall,but who is responsible for that? who can change it?
    its we..!! no one else! there's no point in pointing out the bad aspects of our country because in many ways we are responsible for this condition.

    People dont vote because they feel its not useful in anyway.this is what is the attitude of people in India.people dont vote because,a very obvious reason, they didnt see there name in voting list! now this is something no one can object.but they fail to tell that they either didnt fill the form, or even they have done the registration,it was not on time. then it becomes very easy to blame the government that they are not working properly. this is what i came across this summer with many people around us.

    talking about freedom,yes,people in India enjoy freedom,but in most cases misuse it. here in India its a very stupid to talk about human rights,to fight for rights,because the one who fights becomes a laughing stock!
    people in India have the freedom of speech,which is used only for local people have freedom of making decision,which is used for good of ourself.

    India is rich in cultures.diversity in religions is the most beautiful colour of India.but still people dont readily accept other religion.why?
    to the one who's written this blog,my brother, you yourself dont go a step further in other religion. what holds you back ?

    your respect towards your country starts from this step. you go one step ahead,people will follow you.

  5. hmmm... i think u're going through the phase i was when i was in UK... about time!!!!

  6. @samapda: "corruption is,no doubt, taking our country to a downfall,but who is responsible for that? who can change it? its we..!! no one else" --I did my drivers license myself and not through agent. I also did passport myself. I am trying atlease from my side.

    "here in India its a very stupid to talk about human rights,to fight for rights,because the one who fights becomes a laughing stock!" - - I think you are being very negative. We have sufficient population who would support you if you try.

  7. @sagar. :: i dont think.. population cant support me. its power what you need. if you dont have the powers in your hand no one can. atleast i have observed this bit. you cant take admission in a college if you dont have well known people backing you off every where. no doubt our performance matters the most. but out there in our country still the most deserving people are not noticed.
    this is what makes me think negative about that. but the fact start living with all these things,even if you know its going the wrong way, we dont notice it.

  8. The only thing that I believe could happen(if we do not change) is the downfall of all the countries to make India a relative superpower.

    haha !
    BEST LINE !!
    n so true !!
    lets face it.. the grave reality !! :P
    i m with you !

  9. Change... like Charity... alwys begins at home !
    so i guess if atleast half of the population realize n relate to what you have written, i think gradually we can bring upon a change !
    i know.. i'm being a lot optimistic here... but thts the way i am !

    mast ch lihilais... :)

  10. ekdum bhaari likha hain bhai tune...

    i agree with almost all points in ur writing except that we wont be superpower soon...i feel we will be looking at the current industrial and service sector progress in our homeland dude...not to forget...ours was one of the few economies not hit so badly by recession...and obviously u kno how much ur Uncle Sam's country been affected :P (no offense intended)